How to improve your chances of success through healthy living

Posted on Apr 24 2012 at 07:46:26 PM in Health

How to improve your chances of success through healthy living

There are many of us today who are seeking better lifestyles, if only to improve our general outlook. Some us realize that the foods we eat will play an important part in how many medical problems we have, while others may not be fully aware about how invaluable a decent menu can affect them. A proper diet is not the only tool to accomplish this task, you must add a regular exercising routine to your daily agenda, that is if you hope to live a healthier life. It is these two basic ideas that has made Russell Solomon successful in his sports and academic ventures.


Born to Joseph and Maria, the great depression affected them like everyone else, thankfully his mothers ability to make quilts helped them with some of their financial needs and the religious literature that his father put forth was also a major blessing to the small family. As tough as the economy was in the 1930′s, Russell Solomon was blessed with a scholarship in the late 1930′s and with half of his father’s retirement fund to help him make it through his time at the Columnia University in New York, he went on to make one of his most memorable contributions to the field of Cancer research.


If you grew up in the state of Louisiana then red beans and rice would probably have been a major part of your daily diet. Whether it was this tasty southern dish or a desire to improve himself, Russell Solomon was determined to maintain a lifestyle that would give him the strength to continue his work. As an obvious overachiever, Russell used his experience in healthy living, coupled with his ability to speak in front of large crowds to share his beliefs and ideas with anyone who was serious about their health.

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