How to Handle Polyurethane Stain on Suede Shoes

Posted on Dec 15 2011 at 03:45:34 PM in How-To

Suede is one of the most current materials , especially when it comes to shoe production. It is comparatively durable and most of all not that expensive as the original leather. Unfortunately, because its artificial nature suede is not that easy to be cleaned. It requires special and extremely careful treatment in order to look nice and last longer.

Being aware of the fact that the material's maintenance is essential for its life Cleaners Kennington provide the following tips on how to clean polyurethane stains off a suede shoes:

Put your polyurethane-stained suede shoes in a baking pan with the stains facing up and let the pan to sit in your freezer for two to three hours.

Take the shoes out of the freezer. Tap the frozen polyurethane with a plastic scraper to crack it.

Insert the edge of the scraper underneath the cracked polyurethane. Slowly wiggle the scraper back and forth to pry the pieces from the suede. Remove as much as possible. If the polyurethane softens, return the shoes to the freezer. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to remove the hardened polyurethane.

Get rid of the remaining polyurethane by rubbing it with a nail file and brush the dust off the suede shoes afterwards.

Then take an art gym eraser and rub the suede with it to lift up the residue from the surface of the shoes. Once again brush the suede off to remove any dust or residue from the polyurethane.

Wet a clean cloth with white distilled vinegar and work on the suede surface with it, concentrating on the stained areas. After all the dirty marks are gone, press another clean cloth into the shoes to dry them. Then place the pair outdoor to air-dry completely.

As a final effort just brush off your shoes with a suede brush.

Cleaners Kennington wish you great cleaning results!

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