How to Get Your Security Deposit Back from Your Landlord

Posted on Dec 8 2011 at 10:15:41 AM in Shopping & Services

In some period of our lives if not at that particular moment we have lived in a rental property. In my case this have been long, long years. In addition, many of us have witnessed great deal of problems to occur. Even the best landlord-tenant relationship can be ruined by disputes over the returning of the security deposit. Most of the times you will receive a reduced amount of money which should not be something that have to surprise you. To avoid a scenario like that this article will outline some of the basic rules regarding security deposits.

The lease contract should include details over the condition of the property when moving out. The amount deposited should be mentioned in addition to clauses over how to return it. A good security measure is to make a copy of the bill for the deposit. What could be better than having a legal proof. Your written agreement should say what the security deposit is for, and how it will be returned to you. For move out cleaners Melbourne is ranked amongst the cities with highest number of companies per capita.

When just a part of the deposit is returned there should be a notice about what kind of repairs and cleanups have been done, accompanied by the bills for any payments made. There are deadlines for returning the deposit. It usually should not take longer than 14 days.

If you are on a contract that does not determine an exact move out deadline you should note the landlord or property agency so that your move is on track. Give appropriate notice that you will be moving out. Month and a half before the move seems like actually the best time for you to notify the agent.

There is not a better way to get your deposit than to hire professionals to clean instead of you. This way you won't waste time over tasks that are unpleasant for you. For move out cleaning Melbourne is really the city that will ease you the most.


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