How to Get the Most Out of Your Travel Budget

Posted on Nov 29 2011 at 11:09:41 AM in Travel

With our buyer confidence still shaky in light of global financial downturns, it’s perhaps not surprising that budget flights are continuing to do a roaring trade as cash-strapped Brits in need of a break from the doom and gloom try to find ways to indulge their passion for travel without worrying the bank manager. And although increased taxes, imposed to try and curb the environmental effect of passengers hopping onto aeroplanes as though they were buses, mean that it’s no longer possible to grab international flights for less than £10, it’s still possible to make a little cash go a long way. Liverpool airport is one of the main airports in the country for budget international flights, and if you are looking for a cheap hotel Liverpool centre has plenty to choose from. For those who don’t mind bunking down in a dorm, Liverpool also has several youth hostels that can prove good value for anybody needing a bed for the night in Liverpool before a very early flight or after a very later arrival.
Hostels are a good option to consider once you’re on your travels as well. No longer the exlusive domain of sturdy backpacking youths, with tight curfews and enforced group washing-up sessions, the global hostelling scene today offers some fantastic spots - from cosy little hostels with a friendly atmosphere to vast party palaces with hot tubs and glitter balls - in almost every city your travel plans are likely to take you. Hostels have the added benefit of getting to meet other travellers, and many hostels organise trips and activities for guests (although these may not be at the most competitive prices in town, so shop around if your budget is really tight).
When it comes to making your travel budget go further, bear in mind the cost of living at your destination. You might be able to bag a cheap flight to Copenhagen, for example, but once there you might find yourself reduced to living off a packet of crisps a day after paying for a place to stay in this expensive city. While Eastern Europe is no longer the super-cheap destination it once was, it remains inexpensive by British standards, and cheap flights to destinations such as Prague and Budapest remain popular with the budget travel crowd. Often smaller airports such as Liverpool offer the best prices, and flights at unsociable hours are also frequently cheap, so out of towners may find that they will save money by booking a cheap Liverpool airport hotel and jumping on an early morning no-frills flight.

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