How to Get Past the Grief of a Broken Heart

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How to Get Past the Grief of a Broken Heart

The word grief is most often used to describe the way a person feels after someone close to them dies.  However, it can accurately be used to describe the range of emotions that you feel at the end of a relationship… especially if it lasted a long time or there was a very strong emotional bond.  It may help to know that the intense pain you are feeling is just a reflection of the intensity of the love you once felt.  Of course, realizing that may simply make you feel worse right now.

You probably won't believe this when you are in the depths of your pain but you will get past this.  Although you may always miss your ex, the pain you feel will fade over time and you will be left with the good memories of your time together.

There are a few things you can do to help speed your recovery.  They will not only help you to move beyond your pain but they will make you a better person overall.

Become a Volunteer

Not only is this a great way to fill up your newly empty schedule but most find that helping others is a very rewarding experience.  There are many, many charities and churches out there that would welcome some assistance in their endeavors.  You’re sure to find one where your particular skill set will be of great use.

This will not only keep you busy but you can go to bed each night secure in the knowledge that you have made a difference in someone else's life.

Find Old Friends/Make New Friends

There’s nothing better for a broken heart than spending time with those who know you best.  Find your phonebook and give a call to some friends you neglected during your relationship.  You may find that nothing has changed between you and them; they may be thrilled to hear from you.  You can also actively start to cultivate new friendships with the people you see all the time but never took the time to pay attention to.  New friends are a great distraction.

Take Time for Yourself

Right now you may feel weaker than you have ever felt in your adult life.  Battle those feelings by finding ways to make yourself stronger and healthier.  Physical strength and health can be very helpful but so can emotional health. Use a combination of the two to give yourself the confidence to start your life anew. For more information, visit get over your ex or go straight to

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