How to Get Health Security in UK: For International Students

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If you are going to UK in order to achieve higher education then it is very important to take care of your health during the period. Getting ill is a common situation and anyone may get ill health situation at any time. Change in environment and food cause more ill health effects in compare of regular life. So it is necessary to ensure that you can get better treatment at affordable cost when you are in UK for your studies. For better health services, you must have international student health insurance coverage in UK.

Before travelling to UK it is important to confirm some important things. If you have pre-existing health issues or if you are going under medical treatment then it is important to bring current prescriptions and medical reports. It will ensure that you can get medical help while you would be in UK. When you arrive at UK for studies then you may ask to produce health certificates. Better to contact high commission or British Embassy in your home country about the inoculations that you need in UK upon admitted to study.

Health plans in UK for international students

National Health Service (NHS) offer free and subsidized health service for international students on certain terms. For this, the course for which you are enrolled in UK should not be less than six months. You can also get free emergency treatment if you are in UK for less time. If you are a resident of an EEA (European economic area) country then you will receive above mentioned benefits regardless of how long your UK course is. The same benefits are also available if you are studying in Scotland as an international student in a full-time course. You can check more eligibility requirements online through UK health insurance department.

• Keep yourself healthy while you are in UK:

• Take lots of fruits and veggies and eat nutritious foods

• Add exercise in your routine life

• Get enough sleep

These things are quite helpful to one healthy at any place. It is common to get cold after change in weather and environment for a sudden so take plenty of Vitamin C. You should take herbal health supplements like Echinacea to boost up your immune system. It is not necessary to visit doctor for minor illness; you can get advice from qualified pharmacist at any chemist shop. These things can help to get health security while you will in UK.

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