How to get better project management experience to qualify for bigger project management roles

Posted on Mar 14 2012 at 07:07:12 PM in Business & Economy

According to, project management has grown 30 percent in the last five years.  The best way to seize project management opportunities is to start while in school.  If you’re out of school and looking to score bigger opportunities and a bigger paycheck, it’s helpful to know that two of the biggest qualifications that hiring managers are looking for in project management candidates is experience and knowledge.  With that being said, gaining both is the smartest move to growing a successful career in project management.


If you’re interested in transitioning from your current role into a project management role with your present organization, or are a college student interested in project management as a career, joining a project management organization either on campus or in your area can be of great assistance.  If new to project management, join an organization of practitioners such as Project Management Institute.  It will get you acclimated to preparing for this role or if you’re current project manager offer you professional development if you’re looking to expand your project management opportunities.


To professionally develop as a project manager, consider researching popular trends in project management, and seek a project management mentor either someone outside or inside your current work organization.  If you’re not certified find online courses or online training to take the PMP exam for certification or recertification in project management.


To stay on top of the rapidly evolving job market of project management, it won’t be enough to have a standard PMP certification and many organizations and practitioners suggest gaining specialized knowledge or certification in a niche area such as security or mobile technology.  As globalization increases project managers may also need to acquire portfolio management knowledge or fiduciary skills.


Expand your knowledge of the available online project management tools by researching the industry.  A multitude of web-based online applications exist such as workforce management software, and either offer a free demo online or a 30-day trial to try.


Educate yourself on project management standards, conventions and best practices whenever possible.  Some areas of focus include scheduling, getting the most out of your stakeholders, scope management to control the creep affect, how to build team support for your projects, effective team communication as well as change management skills.  And above all- keep up to date on your PDUs!


It’s never too late to develop your professional skills in project management.  You’ll find that with a little patience and time, you’ll be called upon to manage bigger projects within your organization in no time.

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