How To Get 100+ Twitter Followers Every Day For FREE

Posted on Jun 1 2010 at 08:08:07 PM in Marketing & Advertising

I saw this strategy on a video last week and thought that I would share. I will give credit to the person who provided me with the information as soon as I can remember who it was or where I saw it!

Anyway, Twitter is a vital online marketers stage for promoting your offers and generating leads and sign-ups. I came very late to Twitter and am kicking myself for it. I now generate a few leads daily from Twitter and am beginning to grow my following using this exact FREE strategy and I have added over 100 targeted twitter followers every day for the last 5 days and you can easily do the same.

1. Sign up for a FREE Twellow account. Twellow allows you to specify the industry or interests of the people you want to target (i.e. network marketing, mlm, etc.). It will bring up all users, in order of the number of followers that they have, and you can click to follow these people - you will see their bio and can decide if they are someone you wish to follow). Twitter does limit you to the number of new users you can follow per day and I do not know what that number is but Twellow will let you know when you have reached your max.

2. Sign up for a FREE Social Oomph Account. At Social Oomph, you can set up a direct message that will automatically be sent to everyone who follows you. I recommend to not make this message too long or spammy. I thank them for following me, let them know that I look forward to getting to know them better, and provide a link back to my blog so that they can get to know more about me. There is also a strategy that you can provide a link back to your Facebook page and add friends there at the same time as Twitter. Your call.

3. Use FREE Twitter Karma to unfollow people who do not follow you. I am finding that it is important to keep your ratio of followers and followees pretty close so, every few days I will go to Twitter Karma and unfollow those people who are not following me. Unfortunately, Twitter no longer allows bulk unfollows so this process can take a little while and is tedious. It is important though so you can follow the max number of new users on a daily basis.

4. Download FREE TweetDeck. TweetDeck, if you are not familiar, is a really cool tool that allows you to manage your Twitter direct messages, interact, and post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts all at the same time.

5. Be Consistent With Your Tweeting. People follow those who not only share the same interests but who also tweet interesting things and you need to be consistent because of the high volume of users and Tweets flooding everyone's pages. Use HashTags to better target your offers on Twitter. If you follow this FREE strategy, you will be able to get more twitter followers everyday and begin generating leads from Twitter very quickly.

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