How to find the perfect fit

Posted on May 2 2012 at 06:13:44 PM in Society

How to find the perfect fit

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just did not belong somewhere? One of the worst feelings that we can have is that we are inadequate to handle the task in front of us, such a conclusion can be depressing and the only thing it will accomplish is to cause us not to try anything new. Most of the things we do are usually thought out beforehand, however there are times when we do not seem prepared and it is that lack of preparedness that causes us to lose our perspective and feel like a failure. Every individual is capable of handling a task if they put their mind to it, but something has to be done about our focus and preparedness if we hope to be faithful and complete it in an efficient manner.


Everything requires some sort of training, whether it is learning how to walk, understanding how languages work so that we can effectively communicate with each other, or building that wooden table from scratch. Some of us can tap into our experiences and make them work to our benefit while others can use some characteristics from other projects to make the current one work. Let me emphasize that not everyone is going to be a perfect fit to a particular task, the truth of the matter is that we may not necessarily be cut out for a particular position in life. At some point in our lifetime we will determine that the task we have chosen require skills that we never possessed, hopefully we can use that knowledge to contribute in other areas. The only question from this point is to figure out what is required, learn the steps and see if they are to your liking, then figure out if the intended requirements are attainable to you.

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