How to dress appropriately for the occasion

Posted on May 7 2012 at 03:52:29 PM in Shopping & Services

How to dress appropriately for the occasion

If you work in an office environment there is a good chance that you might be in one of those departments that allow for a relaxed dress code on Fridays where you can wear jeans to work. A new pair of Levi jeanswill certainly go a long way to improving your outlook on a Friday, especially since the weekend is upon you. In some work environments, a pair of shorts would probably be just as effective. Being from the islands I would be inclined to favor the shorts, but a pair of full length trousers would be a a bit more professional.


When shopping for mens clothes it is important to look for attire that is durable, casual and look good. While it is true that some men are easy to shop for, there is no reason to make things more complicated than they need to be. Some of the best men's clothing can be found at Dave's New York, where shopping is all about taste and being able to afford nice clothes. This is definitely not the best place to shop for wedding clothes by any means, but if you are tired of shopping in clothing stores that lack any real variety, then Dave's New York is where you need to be.


If you happen to live in one of the cooler climates, or you spend a fair amount of time outside at night then you might find that a leather jacket will go well with your jeans. Some people prefer to avoid wearing a coat, unless the weather calls for it, for instance, if you are a biker then jackets and coats may be clothing that you simply cannot do without. Whether you are looking for womens Levi jackets, motorcycle jackets, or trucker jackets, Levis has it all.

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