How to Decorate Your Room for Thanksgiving

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How to Decorate Your Room for Thanksgiving

Autumn is here with its orange, yellow and other warm nuances. It is the season of the anticipation, waiting for the holidays to come. Create a holiday atmosphere for this Thanksgiving. Here is how to decorate your room and home for Thanksgiving.


In order to embellish your home, you should make sure that it is clean enough. No way to bring some decoration indoors, without some carpet cleaning or dusting. Start from de-cluttering and dealing with the summer decorations first. You should get it all shiny and all surfaces polished. You still have some days remaining before Thanksgiving. Give your carpets a quick sweep and then vacuum clean them. Then proceed to the table tops and dust from the top down. Now your room is ready for some improvement. Go ahead.

According to carpet cleaning London, your home should be inviting and accommodating at first look. Your front door is one of the places you should make some extra efforts. Put a “welcome” doormat and then hang an autumn wreath. You can buy a base and improve it with some additional accessories, such as acorns, leaves and gold objects. Even plastic fruits will be a good addition. Just make it as colourful as possible.

Autumn improvements at home have to do a lot with colours. From the kitchen to the bathroom you can change the towels with some warm coloured one. Light blue and orange are suitable colours and they will even heat up the room. One of the main reasons for making it all in warm colours is due to the emotions and feelings these colours provoke. They just heat it up, as they are associated with summer and warmth.

Get an old scarf and make a side table top decoration. Fold the scarf, and place it at a diagonal across the table. Then put a bowl with some pine cones, leaves or even fruits and there it is. The perfect decoration set.

Another Thanksgiving improvement idea is making your home look more retro. Old books and items will make it stylish. One on the coffee table and another on the living room, for example. If you have any antiquities show them off. These are quite valuable these days.

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