How to Decorate a Room for Christmas

Posted on Nov 29 2011 at 06:33:44 AM in House & Garden

Do you want to have a Christmas to remember? Who says that you should spend all your money on decorations. Here is how to decorate your room for Christmas in a tight budget. Make it look spectacular for less.

If you are looking forward to the holidays some decoration will certainly make them come earlier to your home. First of all, there is no way to make a dirty room look better by adding some decoration. Deep cleaning is the first step to the spectacular Christmas decoration. Deal with all the old decorations from thanksgiving. Remove as much clutter as you can so that there will be much more space for improvising and implementing your ideas. Your imagination needs some clear place to elaborate some indigenous ideas. But we are here to help you.

Start from your garden. You can turn an ordinary tree into a silver Christmas decoration. Use spray paint and add some sparkle to the branches. Use a wide ribbon to make bows and just improvise. Dangle some pine cones and other catchy ornaments to the painted branches. And there it is, your elegant Christmas tree.

 Let's go back indoors. Now that the deep cleaning is done, you can proceed to creating the magical atmosphere. I bet you have many gift cards from the past years. Use them to for decoration. Glue them together like a garland. Hang them on the wall, lined up, or just put some of the around the room and on the tables.

No way to do without candles. Get some big ones and add some ornaments to make thematic candle holders. For safety purposes play each candle in a separate holder. Decorate them by making a wreath of garlands and some pine cones. Tie a red ribbon and make a bow. If you have some artificial snow, make a pile of it, by spraying on a plate, and place the candle with a ribbon on.

Another budget saving trick is to put some Christmas cards on the fireplace mantel. Display yourbest self-made cards and put some sugar canes in glasses. This is all about to boost the Christmas spirit.

Have a remarkable Christmas, it all starts with a spectacular decoration.  


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