How to Deal With Special Problems of Carpets

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Carpets are a beautiful addition to every room’s interior but along with that they are one of the most dirty things in it. Carpets are classified as one of the biggest collectors of dust and grime which leads to a bad look and reducing the life of the floor covering. This also leads to health issues and can be very dangerous if you have allergic people or people with respiratory problems in your home.

Every housewife loves the look of a new clean carpet but carpet care is not an easy job. Floor coverings come with their own special problems which should be taken care to keep them good looking and to prolong their life. Cleaners Barnsbury gives some tips on some of the common problems that may occur in a carpeted room.

Lint. This is very hard to remove with a vacuum cleaner in many places. In a large bucket, pour ½ cup of ammonia and 1 gallon of water. Dip a broom in the bucket and sweep off the lint around the baseboards. Use a whiskbroom for hard-to-reach places like behind the toilet and in tight corners. Indentations. To raise the nap on a carpet or rug that has been flattened or matted down by heavy furniture, hold a steam iron just above the flattened area. Make sure the iron does not touch the carpet. The steam from the iron will raise the nap.

Carpet deodorizer. To deodorize a medium-sized room, sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda evenly over the entire carpet surface. Wait thirty minutes, then vacuum it up. This will absorb smoking, cooking, and pet odours, if they are not stale or old. It will give a room fresher, cleaner smell. Do not put baking soda on a damp carpet.

Dust. Much of the dust in carpets, drapes, and furniture can be cut down by changing the air filter in the furnace quite often. Heating floor vents or registers can also be covered with cheesecloth. It is very porous and will not hinder the flow of heat and air. Take the vent off and tape a piece of cheesecloth across the back. The cheesecloth should be washed when it gets dirty and dusty.

Following this small rules will keep the beauty of your carpet for longer time. Also, vacuum it thoroughly several times a week and remove spots as soon as they happen. Having your carpet professionally cleaned once a year will also prolong its life as cleaners Becontree will clean it deeply removing every tiny piece of dirt.

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