How to Conduct the Cheapest International Calls

Posted on Feb 10 2012 at 01:06:08 AM in Technology

Many people ask themselves which are the cheapest methods to make calls abroad for reasons of saving money. One of them is the international calling cards. The latter have several of features to opt from. For example, there is the so called premier calling cards dedicated to loyal users and business owners.
Searches in internet show that the cheapest international calling cards are those with totally uncovered frames including availability of minimum perks. The companies started to offer lower minute by minute prices. The offers for PIN free dialing and speed dial were ten avoided to give a way to new more attractive ones. One should also know that the higher the call time interval is, the lower is the call rate.
Companies offering their clients calling cards tend to add many irrelevant perks. It is some kind of a product advertisement. They are doing it to make you buy the product.
For example, speed dial, PIN-free dialing and other similar, are the main reason for the prices to go up. It is highly possible that purchasing tremendously low cost international cards, the latter may be paid back by monthly service and connection fees. So, if you need to find out how to make the cheapest international calls with the help of calling cards, read further.
First of all, you should know that there are specialty cards. They are used, for example, to call India only. Such calling cards provide its users with the lowest rates possible for the opted country – in this case, it is India.
Be very careful and watch for the prices being advertised. Check for small letters print on the back of the card. The thing is that a solid number of companies claim that the call fees are for example 1.3 cents per minute. In the end, however, it turns out that the fee is applied only to several countries, but not to all of them. There are also extra charges if you use the international calling cards for domestic calls.
Another thing to consider is that the time intervals for greater part of the calling cards are fixed. The cheapest international calls cards are usually specified to certain number of countries.

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