How To Compare Personal Loan Options In India?

Posted on Jan 14 2013 at 05:17:05 AM in Finance & Investment

Personal loan has made life of people easy by providing some quick funds. There are varied loan options in the market like Citi Bank personal loan, SBI personal loan, Axis Bank personal loan, Fullerton India personal loan, etc. Make sure to compare all these options on the basis of below factors before going ahead-

Comparison of interest rates : It is possible to compare unsecured loans on the basis of interest rates which vary between different banks on the basis of profile of the person, which is linked to occupation, income, credit score, etc. The interest rates for personal loan can vary from 12 per cent  to 25 per cent.

Other charges: You should carefully check other charges, like processing fee, pre-payment charges along with other documentation fee because it can enhance total loan cost and will also vary across banks.

Evaluating varied loan offers: Make sure to compare all available loan offers offering by varied banks without proceeding further. You should evaluate offers on the basis of interest rates, EMIs & other charges.

EMIs: EMI includes both principal amount and the interest. You can make use of EMI calculator for computing the total EMI amount which you would be needed to pay.

Tenure: It is the time frame for repaying loan amount. It varies from 1-5 years. If you are having longer tenure then you would be end up by paying more interest and will have low EMI. The  shorter loan tenure will carry high EMIs and the interest amount will be low.

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