How to Clean Your Winter Shoes

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Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. Everything gets covered with snow. When you walk on the street you have this feeling that you are in a fairytale place. However, this season have its negative sides, too. Despite the low temperatures , your shoes get all covered with mud, moisture, dirt and salt. No matter how hard you try, you just can't avoid the nasty build up. Fortunately, you can restore your winter shoes appearance by fulfilling several simple steps.

Learn how to clean your shoes from the following tips provided by domestic cleaning Kilburn experts:

As a start you will need to collect the right cleaning materials for shoe cleaning. You have to prepare soft clot, clean rag, tooth brush, eraser, bottle of white vinegar and specialized leather shoes cleaning solution.

Once you have everything on hand , take your shoes outside and knock them against a tree or against each other to loosen the accumulated dirt . Remove any remaining dirt working with your toothbrush or other appropriate cleaning brush. Then wipe the soles with a damp rag or paper towel.

Restore your leather or rubber boots for no time. Take a moist cloth and go over the shoes surface with it. In case your pair is made suede material, just use a soft, dry cloth.

Prepare a cleaning solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water to eliminate salt stains. Dab the boots clean with a soft cloth dampened in the solution. Then take a soft cloth dry off the shoe surface. Of course, you can always use a cleaning agent designed to for salt stains.

To handle stubborn marks work with a leather boot cleaner. Always follow strictly the instructions on the product tag. Work with an eraser. It can be very helpful if you try to clean dirt and stains from suede surface.

Take a standalone eraser and carefully rub the dirty areas. Never clean a suede material with water- it will only damage its texture. After that leave your winter shoes to dry. Depending on the specifics of the material they are made of , sometimes it will be better to place the shoes away from sunlight and heating elements.

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