How to Clean Your White Tennis Shoes

Posted on Apr 10 2012 at 04:42:37 AM in How-To

Do you like wearing your white tennis shoes? They look really nice when they are clean and shiny. The problem is that because of their colour, they tend to easily get dirty and dusty. Keep your trainers looking new and clean by following these steps. Here is how to clean your white tennis shoes:


First, cleaners Frankston suggest you take a clean cloth and a soft brush and wipe away all the loose dirt from the surface of your shoes.


After that, remove the laces and wash them separately in warm water. Use a liquid laundry detergent. You can also wash them with your other laundry in the washing machine.


Make sure you check if your shoes need a complete cleaning or just need some stain removing.


Use a damp cloth to moisten the areas that are dirty.


Put on some soap or cleaning product that is safe for your type of shoes. First work it in with your fingers. Make sure you wear gloves so that it doesn't harm your skin. Then take a soft brush to gently rub the product in the area and remove any dirt or stains.


Rinse the soap off with clean warm water.


Repeat the procedure, if necessary, until the shoes are clean and there are no more stains on them.


Take a soft towel and dry the shoes and then allow them to air dry completely. When they are dry, apply some leather conditioner, if the shoes are leather, or a protective spray to protect the surface and prevent from further dirt build up.


Some people wash their shoes in the washing machine or in the dishwasher. This may work, but there are some shoes that are with glue and the heat in the machines might melt it and make a big mess. Cleaners Hawthorn advise you not to do this. You can try this at your own risk.


Hope you find these steps useful.   


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