How to Clean Your Leather Wallet?

Posted on Nov 24 2011 at 08:30:13 AM in How-To

How to Clean Your Leather Wallet?

 Every man has a wallet. Well okay, almost every man. The wallet is a nice accessory, which comes in handy not only for keeping your money or credit cards safe. Some people use it as an add to their clothing, as a fashion accessory. Most leather wallets tend to attract dirt, and dirt can make everything look ugly. Another thing is, that money are carriers of lots and lots of germs and bacteria , so its a must to keep your wallet clean for the sake of your health.


Cleaners in Melbourne have many ways of cleaning a leather wallet, but the correct way is mainly one:


  • First thing you need to do, is to take everything out of the wallet – credit cards, money, coins, busyness cards and all sorts of things that you like to keep close to you. As you know, money are counted as the most dirtiest thing in the world, as they are being passed hand to hand so are germs and bacteria. And you are all familiar with the risks that germs and bacteria hide.


  • Secondly, grab some disinfectant wipes, they can be found in every convenient store or market. Start gently rubbing your wallet, and pay attention to its insides. The section where the money and coins are stored has to be double-checked. It will be good if you apply some rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth of some kind. Rubbing alcohol does wonders when it comes to disinfecting.


  • For the outsides you may want to use a leather cleaner/polisher. Make sure to rub off all the scratches and unpleasant dirt marks.


  • Using leather conditioner is also recommended. Conditioners of such kind can be found in every leather store, or a shoe store perhaps. After all the rubbing and polishing, let the wallet dry, don’t forget to leave all of its pockets and sections opened, so air can get into.


    Regular cleaning of your wallet is recommended by pro cleaners, such as cleaning services Melbourne. Killing the source of pollution is a great way of improving your health. Another thing is that you will also enlarge the lifetime of the leather.

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