How to Clean Your Laptop - Part Two

Posted on Mar 22 2012 at 09:10:06 AM in How-To

In part one you have read how to clean the keyboard and the ports of your laptop. Now, in this part you will find out how to clean the screen and the touch pad.

Now it is time to clean the screen of your laptop. You can either use a commercial screen cleaner, or, cleaners Frankston suggest, you can make your own one. All you need to do is to mix together equal parts of water and vinegar. It is best to use distilled water, because it doesn't contain any minerals. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Before you apply the cleaner on the screen, spray it with some compressed air, so that you remove any loosen dirt. After that spray some cleaner over a cotton cloth and then use it to wipe the screen clean. Use a cotton swab, dipped in the same cleaner to clean the edges.

After the screen, it is time to clean the touch pad. After the keyboard, the touch pad is probably the dirtiest place of the laptop. That is because you touch it all the time and your hands are not always clean. You can easily clean it with a cloth, slightly moistened with some rubbing alcohol. Simply wipe it clean. Then dip a cotton swab and clean the edges with it.

Now as a final step, cleaners Brunswick say you should wipe clean the top of your laptop. Again, use a cloth dampen in rubbing alcohol or a vinegar solution.

Then just leave your computer open to air dry. Do not turn it on before you are sure it has dried. If you think that you have applied some extra moisture on some part of your laptop, better to leave it to dry for longer (at least 24h). if you turn it on before it has completely dried, you risk damaging your laptop.


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