How To Clean Your House in a Hurry

Posted on Jan 11 2013 at 05:45:41 AM in How-To

How To Clean Your House in a Hurry

People are finding it extremely difficult to spare some free time to do some cleaning chores around the house, I know I do. We rarely have any time for ourselves let alone for household chores such as cleaning or organizing. It's normal for people to look for shortcuts that will not only make the cleaning easier but less time-consuming as well. If you want you can learn how to clean your house in a hurry as well just by following few very simple, yet effective tips and bits of advice.

Devise a Plan

That's probably the first thing you should do before starting any household cleaning chore. By creating a plan to follow through you won't have to stop and think "What should I clean next?". On the contrary, the plan will show you what exactly you should clean after and what chore follows the one you just did. The plan shouldn't be something complex just list of all the household chores that you should do in some order so that when you finish with one of the of the tasks you can move to the next with any delays.

Use a Stopwatch

Another useful method that you can use to aid yourself when you want to clean your house in a hurry is to set time for the cleaning chores in which you have to finish them. One way is to set certain time frame in which to do the chore and the other is to run the stop watch the first time you do a specific chore to see how much time it takes you to get it done. After that write down the time in your plan and aim to shave few minutes of it next time you do the same chore. After a while you'll get pretty adept in cleaning something in a hurry.

Prepare for the Job

In order to learn to clean your house in the hurry you should have the proper tools for the job at your disposals. When using cleaning tools and equipment you can clean quicker and more efficiently then if you are using only your hands and the most basic cleaning tools. Having the right cleaning products and solutions handy can also help you achieve the ultimate goal to get your home clean in a hurry. Take note from professionals in post construction cleaning London, for example, they strive to be as quick and efficient as possible and the way to do it is by using the proper tools and equipment on the job.

Ask for Help

Well, this goes without saying actually but in order to get something done in a hurry, regardless if its house cleaning chores or something else entirely, the help of somebody can be highly appreciated. So whenever you need to clean the house in the hurry you might want to recruit others, friends or family members, to give you a hand. A small reward in the form of hot cup of coffee or tea might just to it as an extra motivation to help you out.

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