How to Clean Your Fireplace?

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How to Clean Your Fireplace?

The fireplace can be the most cosiest and romantic place in your house, during those cold winter days. Cuddling with your soul mate or just relaxing with a book – it is a place that brings comfort, peace and solitude and in front of it you can truly relax after a hard day at the office. Of course maintaining a clean fireplace is significant for your comfort. For some it is a really tough job, for others it is not – whether it is hard or not  you can always rely on some of the professional cleaners in Melbourne to do this dirty work for you. But if you consider cleaning it by yourself – you will need a shovel, a vacuum cleaner, a scrub brush and some bleach.


Before performing the cleaning job, you should make sure that the fire has cooled of and there are not any hot coil or wood particles remaining. Use the shovel to scrape away the left over burnt materials – coil, wood or paper. Put the large pieces into the garbage can and afterwards you can vacuum the remaining dust and ashes. After the firebox has been thoroughly vacuumed, make a solution from a gallon of hot water and one cup of bleach. With the scrub brush and the formed concoction you can start scrubbing all of the creosote surrounding the interior of your fireplace, and all of the debris formed from the burned wood. The floor of the fireplace you can clean, using a mop and the bleach solution you had made. After doing that - mop up the remaining water with paper towels and throw them into the garbage can.


The whole procedure usually takes up to 35 minutes. And if you still consider that you do not have that kind of time on your hands – arranging a cleaning company is a piece of cake nowadays. Companies like end of lease cleaning Melbourne for example, will be happy to help with the cleaning of your fireplace.


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