How To Clean Your Children’s Teddy Bears

Posted on Mar 14 2012 at 04:27:41 PM in How-To

All children love plush toys and most kids even fall asleep with one of their plush pets. They take them everywhere, and then cradle them. That is why it is extremely important that you keep them clean no matter what it takes. Unfortunately if you put them in the laundru machine way too often that will damage their shape and colours irreversible.  So one of the options that you have in such case is to call some cleaners Glen Iris company who are performing plush carpet steam cleaning and ask they to come at your property and steam clean all the toys with green environmentally friendly detergents. At least in that case you can be sure that the bacteria will not get stuck there easily again.
Plush animals should be regularly cleaned because they are exposed directly to bacteria that can cause serious illness in kids. The most common way to clean the toys with the help of a vacuum cleaner if you do not want to book professional cleaning services for that. With her clear the dirt from the toy. Well, anyway if you have one of those small portable steam cleaners, then you can at least use those for a better cleaning effect.
The second way to clean a stuffed toy is hand washing. This should be done with toys that have stuck details like eyes and noses. For this purpose we need a sponge, brush or microfiber cloth,  and an appropriate detergent for delicate fabrics. If you do not have one, use an ordinary shampoo.
Dissolve it in a basin of warm water or in your bathtub. Use a sponge to  gently clean the toy, trying not to over-scrub it.  Use the radiator afterwards when you need to dry it if you do not want to risk damaging the toy more in the dryer. All the toys have a label that tells if they  can be washed in a washing machine or dried not naturally, so use this advice when cleaning your kid’s teddy bears. If it turns out that you are allowed to wash it in the washing machine put it on a delicate program, preferably not more than 30 degrees. Use baby detergent and add fabric softener for better cleaning results. Some toys get deformed after washing in the washing machine as it was mentioned before so try avoiding this as much as possible.
 And your last option is the method of dry cleaning. For this one you will definitely need a professional help but  the only company that deals with such kind of toy cleaning is Cleaners Windsor and they do not cover the entire city so you may need to go to a special dry cleaners office next to your house. And remember whatever method you choose use natural cleaning products – there is nothing more important for your kid than its health.

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