How to Clean Your Camera`s Lens and Body?

Posted on Oct 6 2011 at 04:56:58 AM in Photography

How to Clean Your Camera`s Lens and Body?

Cleaning a camera without causing any damage in the process is a tricky thing to do. You have to be very gentle when cleaning the lenses and the camera body, because any harm done can contrast on the pictures you take. There are many ways to clean your camera, but the trick is preventing dirt and damage in the first place. Professional photographers and cleaners in Melbourne advice you  to keep your camera away from the elements that cause the most harm: dirt, dust, sandy grit, and salt water are the mortal enemies of most types of cameras.

Lens – you have to be very smooth and careful when it comes to cleaning the lens of your camera. First of all, examine it with a magnifying glass. –źny foreign material, including dirt you can`t see with a naked eye, will mar your pictures and may cause severe damage to your lens. Use an air blower bulb or a can of compressed air to blow off unwanted dust particles. For more persistent specks, use a soft cloth, perhaps microfiber and rub very gently with circular movements. You may consider using lens-cleaning fluid if there are some really persistent specks or fingerprints. If this is the problem, be sure to check if the cleaning fluid is suitable for your lens. Never use directly on the lens! Just a few drops on a microfiber cloth and a smooth cleaning in a light, circular motion should do the trick.

Body – a clean, dry and soft microfiber cloth should easily wipe the camera exterior. If using a film camera, open the back and let grit or other particles fall out. See if there are any hairs, sliver or fibers stuck on the frame around the shutter. For digital cameras, you can remove the lens and point the camera face down to let unwanted particles fall away. If using any liquid cleaning agents, always check the camera`s manual or contact with the manufacturers.

As said earlier, all the best photographers and cleaning companies like cleaning services Melbourne strongly recommend that you keep your camera clean at all times. If it is really dirty - let a technician deal with the dust and dirt, it truly is the best way to keep your camera alive.

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