How to Clean Your Blinds

Posted on Feb 29 2012 at 05:44:02 AM in How-To

A lot of people have blinds in their homes. They help with the sunlight and they also cover your window, because we all know how snoopy neighbours could be. Blinds are also a very nice decoration in your room. In order to keep them looking good, you need to take good care of them and clean them frequently. Here is how to clean your blinds:

The first thing to do is to vacuum them. No mater if they are plastic, wood or anything else, cleaners Frankston recommend to vacuum them every time you vacuum the floor. Blinds tend to absorb dust and if you do not remove it, then it goes in the air and you breath it. It is best to start from the top, because if any dust falls down it won't fall on an already cleaned surface. You can use your brush attachment if your vacuum has one.

If you have any stains of dirt build up or fingerprints, you can remove them with a dampen cloth. Just wipe them away. If you do not want any water marks on your blinds, you can wipe them dry with another cloth.

If you have some really tough stains, that can not be removed, cleaners Sydney sugest you try and bath your blinds. Vacuum them first, so that you remove as much of the dirt as you can and then remove your blades and put them in water mixed with some liquid dish washing detergent. If you have a bath tub the best place to do that is there. If there are some really nasty stains, take a toothbrush and scrub them away. Then rinse off the soapy water and leave your shades to dry. Then put them back on your windows.

If you want to whiten your ropes, use a white shoe polish. Of course, first try and wash them. If it doesn't work, shoe polish is a nice way to cover the stains.

If there are any places, that you see they have dust on them, but you can not reach, cleaners Brunswick suggest you use a paint brush. It is thin and long and it reaches almost everywhere. Make sure it is cleaned, because otherwise, you will stain your blinds.

It is best to deep clean your blinds at least twice a year, otherwise they will get really dirty and it will be harder for you to clean them.


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