How to Clean Your Baseball Cap

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Do you like wearing baseball caps? That is very nice, but if you wear them often, you will have to know how to clean them. It is not so hard and there are several methods how to clean your baseball cap. Here they are:

First thing to do, before you choose which method to use is to check the label of the cap. There you will find some cleaning instructions that will say what water temperature you can use and what fabrics your hat is made of. Cleaners Frankston advise you to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, because they are the ones that have made the hat.

Now it is a good idea to test your hat for colour fading. The easiest way to do that is to apply a little liquid detergent on a soft cloth and with it rub gently an inconspicuous area on the inside of the cap. Then rinse the spot with cold water and dab with a new clean cloth. If you notice a change in the colour, or some of it transfers to the cloth, then you should try using only lukewarm water and a brush to remove any stains from your cap. If there is no change in the colour, than you can use all of the cleaning methods.

The easiest way to clean a baseball cap, according to cleaning Frankston company, is to wash it in the launder machine. If you have any stains on your hat, you could treat it with a pre-wash stain remover, before you put it in the washing machine. Just leave it for 5 minutes with the stain remover over the stain, so that it has time to work and then wash it. You should launder the cap on a delicate cycle with warm or cool water, so that you prevent any damaging or shrinking.

You can also wash your baseball cap by hand. If you think that the washing machine will damage your cap, then you can wash it by hand. Wash the hat with a soapy water and then take a brush and remove any stains with it. Then take a cloth and dampen it with water and with it rinse the cap, or you can directly rinse the cap under running cool water. Then, cleaners Brunswick say you should take a towel and with it absorb some of the moisture from the cap.

Now it is time to dry the cap. Never dry your cap in the dryer, as the heat will damage it. A lot of people use wig holders or plastic cap models, but that is not really necessary. Every spherical object will do the same job.  


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