How to Clean with Liquor

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How to Clean with Liquor

The big parties are always a good reason to forget about the consequences. And the consequences are not very pleasant – lots of unwashed dishes, broken glass, stains (often made by cigarette ash) and spills, food residue etc. If you wait too long, the mould and moisture will build up, the bad smells will become really nasty ad you will feel helpless.

The big parties can ruin the neatness of your home but there is one thing that you could use – the alcohol. Most of the time even the greatest drunkards leave quantities of alcoholic drinks behind. Cleaners Finsbury park can give you some advice about how to use the half-empty bottles. The spirit in the alcohol is one of the most effective natural cleaners. You can polish a lot of surfaces, like copper with beer, for example. The hops that make the beer taste bitter are helping the most.


Vodka is one of the highly concentrated “hard” drinks and is useful in many occasions. You can remove the chewing gums left on towels, clothes and all other fabric surfaces. The vodka drops will help you loosen the stuck gum. This drink can help you also get rid of the mould and mildew. You will be glad to put in good use the cheaper liquors in your messy home. Instead of feeling like a piece of dirt in the morning, you can drink only quality alcohol and use the low-quality drinks as cleaning products.

For more tips about how to clean with liquor, use the experience of cleaners Finsbury Park.

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