How to Clean Winter Boots

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How to Clean Winter Boots

It's winter time and it's freezing outside. Everybody wears warm winter clothes and boots to feel good and to keep his health. However, it's not also a winter fairytale outside, but a real mess sometimes because of the snow and the salty crust across it. But you don't have a choice and you are walking in this mess trying not to think about your covered with dirt, moisture, etc. boots and the way you are going to bring them at home. You think you're never going to have them back looking good, but don't worry! Here you are some tips that will help you with the cleaning of your boots and making them looking as good as new.

When you are back home, try to take care of your boots at a first place. As cleaners Carshalton Beeches suggest take them outside or in your yard if you have any, and step on a tree to remove the dirt that is stuck on them. If there is much dirt on their soles, take a good brush and scrub them using pressure. After cleaning their soles, take a paper towel and wipe them from the outside to remove any excess dirt.

Depending on the type of your boots you need to clean them with different rags. For leather or rubber boots, use a moist cloth, but for suede use a soft and dry one. If there is salt residue on your boots, cleaners Carshalton Beeches recommend to remove it with a special cleaning solution for this purpose or with a home-made mixture from 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water. For stains on the boots use a cleaning solution specialized for boots. Always read the labels on the solution you are going to use to make sure it is good for them. For removing dirty particles or stains on suede boots, use the so called eraser and clean them by rubbing. Never use water when cleaning suede boots. The water can badly damage the look and the way you feel your winter boots.

After cleaning your boots, let them dry and keep them somewhere away from sunlight and heat.

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