How to Clean Up a Gum Stain Out Of Denim

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What is one of the most annoying and hard to remove stains ? The ones that are sticky and the ones that set into your items fibers easily. In other words one of the worst staining on that planet are from chewing gum. What if you find such stain on your denim item?It sound like a real nightmare, isn't it? The good thing is that even hard to be fulfilled, there is always at least one solution to each problem. In other words there is an effective and non-expensive way to remove this awful gum stain from your denim item. Learn how to handle such chore from the following tips, especially provided by professional cleaning services London experts:

Your first step, no matter the type of cleaning you have to do, is to prepare your cleaning tools. To deal with a gum stain you will need a cloth, laundry detergent, dull knife (spoon) , laundry pretreatment and dry-cleaning solvent.

Lay your denim item in a way that the gum mark will be on top. Next, put it in your freezer for about two hours. By doing that you will harden the gum and subsequently you will remove it easier.

After you get your denim item out of the freezer, take a dull knife and start scarping off the frozen gum with it. Try to work carefully in order to not pull out a thread. IN case something like that happen-don't worry, it is not so serious. Just light the edge of the thread after you finish with the gum removal.

Submerge a clean cloth into a dry-cleaner or other solvent-based stain remover. Start working on the damaged area with it until the marks start to vanish. After that swill the solution out of the denim with tap water.

Pour about two of liquid laundry detergent onto the stain. Alternatively you can use a laundry pretreatment to the area. After that just wash the denim cloth as you normal.

Inspect the denim surface for any remaining chewing gum marks before putting it in the dryer I order to prevent eventual permanent setting of the gum. If there are any visible traces apply detergent (solvent) on the marks and wash again. After there are no more visible parts of the gum you may dry your item as usual.

Cleaning services experts wish you good cleaning results!

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