How to Clean Ugg Boots

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It Is winter and it's raining and it's snowing often enough to make our clothes an absolute mess. On top of that, we use the underground, we catch buses or we walk to go to work. More and more rarely we use our cars for moving from one point to another, because of the traffic and the costs of that, so we use the public transport instead. However, this does not always guarantee us the most comfortable and smooth ride to work. The reasons may be different, but the results are always the same – we have to spend significant amount of time every week, if not every day to clean our clothes. Otherwise, soon enough we may start looking as beggars. 


  So, after all the pushes in the transport we have to find a way to clean our clothes and most importantly our shoes. They take all the damage when we are in the centre of a big crowd like in the buses or in the trains, for example.

  Here are my tips on cleaning Ugg boots


  These boots are very comfortable and many people wear them constantly, which reflects on the way they look, so you should take a good care for them. 


Use cold water to moisten the boots. This will loose up the dirt and will make it easier for removing. However, these shoes are not made for deep waters, so do not submerge them in water.You may damage them this way. 


Grab a cleaning solution suitable for leather and dilute it with water. The mixture that we are looking for contains one half water and one - cleaning detergent. Anything stronger than that may damage the leather of your boots, while anything softer may not be strong enough to clean them.


  Once when you are sure that the cleaning detergent is exactly what you need, apply some of it on a clean sponge and start cleaning very gently. Use circular movements and do not push too hard. This may damage the leather.


  During the cleaning you will need newspapers or paper towels to stuff the boots. This way they won't lose their shape during the cleaning and won't shrink, if you let them to dry on direct sunlight or heat. 


Use suede brush or lint-free towel and brush the boots in order for them to restore the nap.


However, if your boots are not the only think that needs to be cleaned, hire cleaners Layton and ask them to come to your place and deal with the smells and the spots there. 


So, hire cleaners Leytonstone, hire these guys and relax about this obligation. The professionals will do everything for you. 

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