How to Clean the Cigarette Residue On Glass

Posted on May 2 2012 at 04:13:40 PM in How-To

When there is a constant cigarette smoke presence in the air, all of the toxins and chemicals that the smoke contains accumulates and stick to everything around. As a result your furniture start to smell like ashtray and discolor. In addition your glass items become foggy and yellow. Sometimes, you can easily refresh your living area. You can just rent a steam cleaner and go over all of your furnitures , carpets and suchlike items with it. However, you can't use it for restoring your expensive mirrors, or glass frame and windows.

Being aware of that cleaners Fulham provide the following tips on how to clean the cigarette residue on your glass items:

To start take a clean bucket and fill it with warm to hot water.

Pour two cups of white vinegar into the water. If you have to make a substantial refreshment just use more vinegar.

In case your mirrors are removable, take them off the wall and store them in the sink. Dip them in the filled sink and allow them to soak. However, if your mirrors can't be removed, wet a soft cloth with the vinegar mixture and wipe the entire glass surfaces.

 According to cleaning Fulham professionals You can also fill a spray bottle with vinegar or vinegar and water mixture and just spray the affected surfaces with it. After that you just have to wipe them with a clean soft cloth.

Don't forget to swill the cloth often enough. Once you rinse it you can either replace it or proceed working with it until all of the cigarette residue is eliminated.

After that you just have to dry the cleaned areas wit a with a clean, soft cloth.

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