How to Clean Polish Nail Stains From Carpet?

Posted on Aug 24 2011 at 11:49:01 AM in How-To

Nail polish spill on colored carpet is a common occurrence. Unfortunately the unnecessary panic and anxiety are the second thing it provoke. It may be a natural reaction, but if you really want to remove the stain, you should start to clean it as soon as possible instead of relapsing into despair. The immediate action will provide the best results and help to completely remove the polish. Nail polish remover is the thing that removes polish from your nails, so it makes sense that it probably will also remove polish from the carpet. According to carpet cleaning sw6 a good option to take care of your colored carpet, is to use a non-acetone nail polish remover. That polish remover will help prevent damage to the carpet threads and removing color from the carpet. What else you can do to handle nail polish spill on your carpet?

The first and basic thing you should do is to store out your “tools”. Otherwise you will loose a lot of valuable time just to find each thing in the exact moment you need it.

In this particular case you have to prepare butter knife (or other dull knife), non-acetone nail polish remover, paper towels, rag, dish soap, vinegar, water, bucket and vacuum.

After doing that carefully scrape off any nail polish that has dried using the butter knife. According to professional cleaning services london you should scrape off outward in order to not pushing any of it deeper into the carpet.

Apply some of the non-acetone nail polish remover onto a piece of paper towel. Then dab the stain with it until all of the stain has been treated by the nail polish remover. Do not scrub the stain!!! That will only push the stain deeper into the carpet. The color of the nail polish will still be visible at this point, but it will look watered down.

Combine 1 quart of warm water with 1 teaspoon dish soap and 1 teaspoon of vinegar in a bucket. Use the soapy mixture and a clean rag to wash the carpet. Work in the center of the stain and push outward.

Rinse the rag and repeat the last until the stain is completely gone.

Then wait for the carpet to dry, and vacuum. This will pick up any of the loose pieces of dried nail polish.


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