How to Clean Paraffin Wax Stains

Posted on Oct 31 2011 at 05:28:23 PM in How-To

Candles are great to have them around the house, because they give a special, warm sense to your place. Furthermore, they are great light alternative, not only on a special dinner or cocktail parties, but also in case of a power blow. However, the spills caused by paraffin wax can be really stubborn, water soluble and most cleansers cannot penetrate them. If you have to deal with such stains , don't waste your nerves. Everything is possible if you are aware how to act.

Considering that cleaners Kingston provide the following tips on how to clean up paraffin wax stains for no time:

What cleaning tools will you need? In this particular case you will have to prepare Dry cleaning solvent liquid laundry detergent, water, bleach(regular or color-safe) ,sponge and washing machine. After having them stored out you may proceed to the next step.

Pour 1 to 2 tsp. of a liquid dry cleaner directly on the wax stain and start working on the stain with a sponge.

Swill the sponge in clean water and pour 1 tsp. of liquid laundry detergent on it. Scrub the surface of the stain well.

Choke your sink and fill 3/4 of it with water. Add 1 cup of bleach and stir well. If the affected material is white you can use the ordinary commercial bleach. If not, work with a color-safe bleach for all other colors. Submerge your item in the sink solution. Let it sit like that for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that lift it up and drain the sink.

Put the item into your washing machine and pour laundry detergent in it. Use the exact amount pointed on the manufacturer's instructions. Let the machine to run through a full cycle.

After that take out your item and hang it outdoors to air dry.

Cleaning Kingston team wish you good final results!

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