How to Clean Mayonnaise Stains

Posted on Mar 28 2012 at 06:56:22 AM in How-To

Mayonnaise is used in many recipes and is also used for many sauces. That is why, mayonnaise stains occur quite often. These stains do not have a specific colour which will be hard to remove, but the problem with them is the mayonnaise is a mixture of oil and eggs and they are both really tough to clean. However, there are solutions even to this problem. Here is how to clean mayonnaise stains:


Begin by scrapping off as much of the mayonnaise as you can. Use a spoon or a dull butter knife. Cleaners Frankston recommend you use lifting motions, otherwise you will spread the stain or set it deeper in.


After that, turn the garment inside out and run cold water through the back of the stain. This way you will push the stain back out. Try to get out as much of the mayonnaise as you can. Remember not to use hot or warm water because there are a lot of proteins in the mayonnaise and you could “cook” the stain in.


After that, treat the stain with some pre-wash stain remover. Leave it to stay on the fabric for at least 15 minutes.


Then launder the garment. Use the hottest water appropriate for the fabric. Make sure you check the label first.


After you have laundered the clothing, make sure that the first drying is air drying. If you put the garment in the dryer, and the stain is still there, cleaners Brunswick explain that the heat inside will set the stain deeper in and make it almost impossible to remove the stain.


If there still is a stain left after the laundering, try rubbing a little dish washing detergent into it. This will help you remove the stain. Then rinse the stained area very well and wash as recommended on the label.  


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