How to Clean Mayonnaise Stains From Cotton Material

Posted on Jan 19 2012 at 03:50:25 PM in How-To

What is the most used addition to most of the salad souse, sandwiches and main meals? The mayonnaise, of course. It is not expensive, it is very accessible as you can find it in almost every store. In most of the cases people don't pay attention on such stains, mostly because of their white color, but the oil base in mayonnaise can be really difficult to get rid of, especially if it is on a cotton fabric. If such accident occurs you should take some actions as soon as possible. In that way you will increase the chances to remove the stain completely.

Being aware how tricky may be such stain removal cleaners Hillingdon Heath provide the following tips on how to clean mayonnaise from cotton material:

To start you should first prepare your cleaning tools. In this case you will need spoon, baking soda or cornstarch, water, dry cleaning solvent, several clean cloths, commercial detergent and vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

Next, scrape away any mayonnaise that has not yet soaked into the cotton material. To do that take the spoon and work with it.

Apply cornstarch or baking soda onto the affected area. Allow the powder to stand on for about 20 minutes. After that swill out well . Spread dry cleaning solvent in order to cover the whole stain. Then blot with a cloth. If the stain is not removed at this point proceed with the next step.

Pour a cleaning solution to the stain and work on the area with a cloth until the stain vanishes. Prepare a cleaner of 1 part detergent combined with 5 parts water. Rinse the cotton fabric with water to wash away any remaining cleaning solution.

If you still notice any marks left dab the mayonnaise stain with vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and then launder the fabric in the washing machine. Always follow strictly the care label of the fabric. When the cycle is complete dry the fabric by laying it flat or hanging it on a clothesline.

Cleaners Hillingdon Heath wish you great cleaning results!

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