How to Clean Leather Sofa

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There is nothing that can compares with the feeling of lying down on a big comfortable sofa after a heavy working day. However , such furniture is an expensive purchase that is not affordable for everyone. Even if a family can make buy one , they select the sofa very carefully because it is likely to fade very fast considering its frequent use. This is the reason why leather is more preferred material when it comes to a couch- it is just more durable. Of course, leather also requires special care in order to last for longer period.

In case you are one of the lucky owners of a leather sofa you may take advantage of the following tips provided by leather sofa cleaning London professionals on how to clean such furniture in the right manner:

The first and essential thing you should fulfill is to select carefully the right cleaning tools. As to this time of cleaning you will need mild moisturizing soap, distilled water, 3 dry, soft rags and your vacuum machine.

Another really important thing is to gain the habit to turn on your vacuum or dust your leather furniture at least once a week. By doing that you will allow to the leather small fibers not to get clogged with dust and other dirty particles.

Moisten a clean cloth and wipe the furniture with it. Try to make this a habit as well. Have in mind that the cloth should be only damp, not too wet or soaked. Otherwise, you may cause damages on the leather material while working with the cloth.

Be aware of the specifics o your furniture material. There is significant difference between leather materials used for furniture manufacture. Each of them require specific care. You can easily determine what is the suitable cleaning approach for your sofa. All you need to do is to take a simple look at the tag located in the cushion area.

The next step is to put in action the aniline Pigment (AP) furniture with a mild moisturizing soap. Wipe the Aniline (A) or Nubuck (N) leathers with a damp cloth that contains distilled water. Work on the furniture in a circular motion.

After that go over the furniture surface with a dry and soft rag. According to leather sofa cleaning London it will better if you repeat this step several times.

As a final effort just apply a leather conditioner to your furniture surface.

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