How to Clean Home

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How to Clean Home

This little memo is for the men, who have the “luxury” of staying home alone for some time. And by alone we mean without the caring of a woman. How lost we can become, when there is no one to help us with the usual stuff, like washing the dishes, cleaning our clothes ? Well, we say, let us show the girls, that we CAN deal with the homework and live to tell the tale !

The dishes issue

This may be a very monotone and hard to do task, but we can do it. There are a few tricks that  cleaners Worcester Park say, may combine our natural laziness and obvious approach.

Once in a few days gather up all of the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, plug the sink, fill with hot water and add a few spoons of cleaning fluid. Let them soak for an hour. In the mean time you can  watch TV or play some video games. When you return the dishes, will be clean – you just have to rinse them and wipe with a sponge. The pans are cleaned the same way. You only have to to leave them for the night. Will not work for wine glasses though, since you will probably break them in the pile. 

Car washing for socks

Cleaning the dirty socks and underwear can be fun if you have a car. Get a plastic bottle, a large one, fill it with water, washing soap and dirty underwear. Put it all inside the trunk. Drive around for a day and in the evening you may rinse and dry.

No car – you have to do it by hand. Same as with the dishes – scrub with some soap and leave in a tub for the night. Add some hot water in the morning. They will even rinse themselves – you just need to hang them to dry.

If you have to wash something big, remember that many clothes shed. If you put all of them in a single pile your clothes may suddenly change their colours. Not all clothes may be washed in the machine.

About the stains. Clothes with stains from milk, blood and meat should be soaked only in cold water. Oil is best taken out with caustic soda. Stains on wool and linen can be removed with bleach.

Cleaning the kitchen

First you take on the oven. It is as simple as cleaners Worcester Park say. Carefully mop it all up with a wet sponge. Then apply the cleaning solution on the oven for about 20 minutes. After that all the stains should go off easily. Don't try to scrub off any roasted stains with something metal. The scratches on your wife's oven will be like scratches on your car's door. The sinks and the bath are cleaned the same way. For the toilet you should use bleach – use it generously. Leave it for a couple of minutes then simply swipe with the brush.

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