How to Clean Home With Homemade Cleaning Products

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Home cleaning sometimes require so much effort. Moreover, maintaining a clean house may cost you so much money. What for? For cleaning detergents and tools, of course. There is a plenty of cleaning and disinfecting products on the market and choosing the cheapest ones might cause really serious health issues.

If you clean your home with commercial cleaning products you need to choose reputable brands which sometimes are pretty expensive. Many housewives rely on cheap cleaning detergents which may cost them not only money but their health as well. First, cheap commercial cleaners are not effective, and, in fact, they can cost you much more than a reputable brand. Second, you do not know what these cleaners contain at all. Most of them contain rally harsh and hazardous chemicals which pollute the environment and cause health issues. According to cleaners Bayswater, most of the skin problems and respiratory allergies are caused by cheap commercial cleaners. Fortunately, there is a third option - making your own cleaning products. No extra money, no chemicals, no pollution, no health issues. Here are some recipes on how to clean home with homemade cleaning products.

To clean up the dirty oven without the need of one of the most dangerous household cleaning products, use a paper towel damped in a solution of mineral oil and gas. Then wipe with dry paper towel. To remove rust stains, scrub with fine steel scouring pad, then clean with a solution of mineral oil and gas.

Washing glazed tiles with a solution of 40 gr of castile soap, 20 gr of 25% ammonia solution, 50 gr of calcined soda and 2 litres of water will make them sparkling like new. You can use this solution to clean bathtubs as well. Just apply it and scrub with a brush and rinse with warm water. The siphons of sinks and bathrooms can be cleaned with a hot sodium hydroxide solution (2 tablespoons per litre of water). A hot mixture of 2 tablespoons of calcined soda per a litre of soapy water can be used for cleaning the toilet bowls.

Of course, cleaners Acton remind you to use rubber gloves with every kind of mixture you use, to avoid skin irritations. These products will cost you less money and will clean as effectively as the expensive commercial cleaners do.

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