How to Clean Hair Brushes and Combs?

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No matter how much you spend on your brush or comb you hope that it will last a very long time. How long will last the process depends on how long you have them, but also how good you take care of them. Considering that you may use the following cleaning services expert steps and you will not have to get rid of a brush because it is disgustingly dirty. How should you act?

As a start prepare the things you will work with during the cleaning process. In this case you will need dish soap or brush, cleaning solution, plastic container that tools can be submerged in, hot water- okay tepid, towel and 15 free minutes, depending on how many brushes you own. The average person usually needs about 15 minutes.

Remove all the hair and visible materials that are not supposed to be in the brush from the brush. An easy and quick way to do that is to work with a large tooth comb using soft tension run the comb down the surface of the brush to remove all hair.

In a sink or plastic container- fill with hot water and soap. You have to use a gentle shampoo product. According to cleaning services experts the best product that has been found for this is dish soap, because it has the ability to cut through any product build up you may have on your tools. Make sure there is a lather.

Then soak the brushes and combs in the soapy mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes. some brushes have their own cleaning instructions, so in case your have too, just follow them.

After that rinse thoroughly with cool water. You can use warm water as well. It doesn't have great matter. Just make sure no soap solution is left behind.

To finish just lay your brushes/ combs out on a towel and allow them to air dry. This may take a full day for some brushes, be patient this is the best way to dry them, without causing damage.

Professional cleaning services London personnel wish you good luck!

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