How to Clean and Maintain Laptop Keyboards

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How to Clean and Maintain Laptop Keyboards

One of the most used parts of a laptop is its keyboard, thus this turns into one of the most important parts. If you do not clean and maintain your laptop keyboard, then you risk to lose it and this is not a cheap loss. So, here are some tips that will help you keep the keyboard of your laptop in good condition and working properly.

The most common problem of a laptop keyboard is the dust. It sticks under the buttons going deeper into the board. Removing the dust and particles regularly from the keyboard of your laptop will prolong its life. What you need to achieve this aim is to have some compressed air. Cleaners Maida Vale recommend you to buy such from a computer store otherwise you may damage your keyboard. First make sure that you have turned off the laptop. Otherwise you risk to damage the entire laptop. You know, water-electricity stuff. Next, turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake it until all the particles fall down. After that, turn the keyboard upright and use the compressed air to remove any remaining particles under the buttons. And that is all. The hard part is to maintain your laptop keyboard clean.

Do not eat over your laptop as usually the most common particles in a keyboard are those from junk food such as chips, crackers and so on. Also, when you have a drink, keep the cup or glass far from your laptop to reduce the risk of spilling the containing on the keyboard. This will not only dirty your keyboard, but also may cause serous damages to the entire laptop. Of course, sometimes spills happen no matter what you do. In this case you need to act fast, turn of the laptop and leave it to get completely dry. This may take about one or two days. Then, gently wipe the inside and outside of the laptop clean. Keep in mind that the keys of the keyboard may need to be removed and soaked in some soapy water solution, especially if the spilled is coke. After soaking them for about 15 minutes, rinse the keys well and leave them to get completely dry. Then put them back on their place. That is all.

Keep in mind that every laptop needs a professional touch on every six months. Professional cleaners Mayfair will clean all the dust and dirt from the inside and outside of the laptop making it looking like new.

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