How to Clean a Tomatto Soap Spill

Posted on Oct 17 2011 at 04:35:10 PM in How-To

What is one of the greatest things cooked from a human? The tomato soap of course. It smells great, it is full of vitamins and most of all it's delicious. Unfortunately, as in many in many cases, accidents happen all the time. Even if you spill part of your precious soap, you should not ruin your great moment. Eat your soap with a smile. Then take your cloth off and start to treat the stained part of it before the stains has dried. If you don't know how to act, follow these fantastic clean team tips on how to easily clean a tomato soap spill:

Take a bowl and boil water on your kettle. Put your item in the bowl and pour the hot water over the affected area of your garment.

Let it soak for a while.

Then swill your cloth in cool water and move it to another bowl, but this time filled with one gallon of soaking solution. How to prepare the mixture? Just combine ¼ cup laundry detergent mixed with 1 gallon water and stir well.

Allow the cloth to stand in the cleaning solution for at least an hour or more. The laundry detergent instructions may ac-clear the exact time you can let the garment to soak in.

After that take your stained item out and treat it with a special stain pretreatment cleaner. Always follow strictly the manufacturer's instructions.

Then launder your cloth with color-safe bleach. Once again do not estimate the amount of the bleach you should use by yourself. Take a careful look at the instructions on the label and use the exact amount pointed by the manufacturer

To finish the cleaning procedure take your garment out of the washing machine when the cycle is complete and hand it out to air dry on the sun.

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