How to Clean a Shower Head

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How to Clean a Shower Head

Regular bathroom cleaning is a top priority for every home owner, who wants to establish a clean and fresh domestic environment. However, there are many different things, in a bathroom, that need through care and treatment. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to each detail of this sanitary premises, requiring regular maintenance.


It is an interesting fact that most of the people think that wiping the bathroom surfaces, after taking a shower or a bath, and doing a thorough bathroom cleaning once in a week are enough to create healthy atmosphere. Actually, this could be enough for the purpose, but are you completely sure that you don't miss something important, during the cleaning of your bathroom? For an example, professional cleaners London say that many of their clients often forget to clean the shower head. Therefore, here, I will share with you some smart tips how to maintain this “invisible” part of your bathroom environment.


  • At first place, you should know, which is the reason why shower heads become dirty and discolored. The main cause for this problem is the minerals in hard water that build up on the shower head. And if you do not clean it regularly, the minerals may even interfere the shower head to work properly.


  • To remove the hard water build-up, you should bring 1 quart of water to a boil in a pan, with the sizes of your shower head. However, if you have a plastic shower head, you have to use warm water instead, because the high temperature could melt the plastic. Then, you have to add ½ cup of white vinegar in the water and soak the shower head in the mixture. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Professional cleaners in London advise to remove the mineral deposits from the shower head holes, using a needle or a toothpick. To complete the cleaning procedure, rinse the shower head well with water and put it back to its place.   


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