How to Clean a Rug With Natural Products

Posted on Nov 22 2012 at 10:57:41 AM in Health

Rugs are wonderful pieces of furniture, which make our homes look stylish and cosy. I personally have a few of them in my house. The thing is, though, that soft floorings require very serious maintenance.

If you wonder why you have to maintain your rugs clean and in a good condition, the answer is very simple – you will stay safe from health problems, such as allergies and hard breathing, this way. Carpet cleaning is not that simple, though, and you must be very careful when dealing with it.

A lot of people prefer to use commercial cleaners to keep their floorings in good condition. These detergents are very dangerous, though, and most professional cleaners from London don't recommend their use. They can also harden your breathing, and cause you skin irritations and allergies. That is why it is better to clean your rugs with natural products. There is a very effective and easy-to-prepare solution for carpet cleaning. You need one tablespoon liquid castile soap, two cups warm water, quarter cup white vinegar, four drops clary sage essential oil, and seven drops lavender essential oil. This solution will kill germs and bacteria, which are stuck deep into your carpet's fibres and will freshen up the colours of your flooring. Just mix the ingredients, and apply the cleaner with a sponge. Try not to oversaturate the rug, and work on one small area at a time. I recommend that you use a brush to rub the solution into the fibres. When you finish cleaning, leave your carpet to dry well, so not to start growing mould and emitting bad odours, and vacuum to restore the position of the fibres.

If your rug is not too soiled, you can use a mixture of only water and liquid castile soap to clean it. Mix four cups water and one tablespoon of the soap, and use the above technique to apply the solution.

So, stop cleaning with store detergents, they are bad for your health. Use my cleaning ideas and live happily in a spotless and healthy home. You will feel a lot cheerful, if the air in your place is not polluted with chemicals.

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