How to Clean a Rolex Watch?

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How to Clean a Rolex Watch?

Rolex wristwatches are not only a luxury item, they truly are a piece of art. And as one, they don`t come cheap, so you have to take special care if you want to get the best of your investment. The maintenance of your watch should be done by a professional, but if you want to bring out the “bling” of your watch by yourself, there are a few things you should know. The cleaning process is easy and by doing it often may help you discover some maintenance issues if there are any.

Start by making sure that the winding crown of the watch is tightly screwed onto the case. This way you can prevent moisture getting within the case and damage the gentle parts of the watch. 

Prepare a solution from warm water and soap, and have in mind a tip, given from most of the pro cleaners in Melbourne - ammonia based cleaning detergents are not welcome. You may also add a small amount of jewellery cleaner, for achieving the desired sparkling effect of the watch.

When the soapy solution is done, dip a toothbrush in it and start gently scrubbing away the dirt and grime of your luxury watch. The use of a toothbrush is preferred, because it is soft-bristled, and it cannot cause any scratches on the item`s surface. Be sure to brush away all the dirt and grime from the moveable links of the watch. The double-hindged clasp is also a part on which you should point your attention. As the places which accumulate the most dirt, body oils and grime, you should do a great scrubbing job with the toothbrush.

When you are done with the brushing and watch is clean – rinse it with lukewarm water and genlty wipe it with a soft piece of cloth, if you like – use a watch polishing paste to make it shine. And, as said earlier – the best, and also safest way to make your watch really shine is to hire a professional cleaner. Cleaning services Melbourne for instance, have the right knowledge, and will take care of your luxurious wristwatch, as it was their own.

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