How to Clean a Pool Table

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How to Clean a Pool Table

The pool table receives occasionally stains. Someone always finds something nasty to spill on it, like beer or juice. Here are a few tips about how to clean a pool table.

First of all, take this opportunity to clean the balls and the sticks as well. Clean the balls by wiping them with some soft cloth, you have available and a cup, not more, of warm water. You may use some polisher to make them shine, should look rather nice. Same goes for the wooden sticks.

To clean the table itself you will need some special equipment. There are special brushes for cleaning the pool table. Get yourself on one of those. They are good for wiping dust and eventual crumbs from it. Cleaners in London suggest you clean the rims first, and then move to the field itself. Swipe the dirt into the nearest pocket and do not use circular motion since then it will cause the weave to rub up.


Now I have just given you a guideline to put all the dirt into the pockets. That is correct. This way you may vacuum the pockets later and get all of it out. It is not advices by cleaners in London to vacuum the field itself since it may damage it. You do not want that.

Next you can polish the wooden parts of the rims with some polishing agent for wood. Or some vinegar if they are plastic. Do not worry about the smell – white vinegar has a weak one and it will fade in a few hours.
If there are some spills on the table, treat them ASAP, by blotting the spot with a cloth. Once you get all of the moisture from them, get another cloth and dampen it into some warm water. Blot the stain without rubbing .Eventually it should go away, but it may take some time.

One more thing. Prevention is the best thing you can do, so keep your food and drinks away from the table. Also, encourage the people to chalk their sticks, if you know what I mean, away from the table, to minimize exposure.

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