How to Clean a Leather Chair

Posted on Feb 6 2012 at 03:09:35 PM in How-To

What is the most essential part of your working place? Your chair of course,. It is even scientifically proven that the more comfortable you sit during your working day, the better results you will show. In that aspect it is really important to keep your chair in a good shape. You can't imagine how difficult it will be for you to focus if your chair is slightly reshaped, not mentioning stained. Usually, most of the office chairs are big, comfortable and made of leather material.

Considering that cleaners Bowes Park provide the following tips on how to clean your chair in an easy and time-saving way:

As a start you have to prepare a few cleaning tools. In this case you will need one clean, soft, cloth and commercial leather conditioner . These are just enough to restore your chair good state.

A basic part of the cleaning process is to make it a habit to dust your chair once a week. You only need a soft, dry cloth to fulfill that. You should also vacuum the chair at least once a month. While doing that always work with the hose attachment to take care of the crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

If a spill occurs, try to take some actions immediately. The sooner you do something about, the better. For example, start blotting liquid spills with a clean towel and buff the area dry with a separate cloth afterwards.

Another important rule is to minimize the soapy water applications. Leather resists stains, so a clean, dry cloth or slightly damp cloth will take care of most spots and spills. Avoid soaps, polishes and cleaning products, especially those containing solvents. If after all you need more efficient solution use a cleaner specifically designed for leather.

As a final tip cleaners Bowes Park advise you to treat the leather a few times each year with a leather conditioner such as Leather CPR or Lexol. That is a delicate, but still really effective product. Some conditioners can leave a residue that attracts dust, so shop carefully and consult the chair manufacturer for recommended products, if necessary.

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