How to Clean a Basketball Shoes

Posted on Nov 3 2011 at 05:01:11 PM in How-To

Each sport activity have its specifics. This applies to the basketball as well. You can't have a good play without wearing the right shoes. Unfortunately, the basketball shoes get dirty extremely fast. In order to save their healthful state and to make them last longer you will have to maintain your shoes regularly and extremely carefully. Don't worry! Cleaning a basketball shoes is actually an easy thing to do. Furthermore, when it is made in properly you can afford to reduce the cleaning procedures.

Considering that cleaning Kingston personnel provide the following tips on how to clean a basketball shoes:

Take a stiff brush or sponge. Then prepare solution of 1 part of liquid detergent and 3 part warm soapy water. Stir well, submerge your shoes in it and start scrubbing them with the brush/ sponge.

After that dry your shoes with a clean towel. You need to fulfill this step well in order to prevent fungi formation.

Take out the soles, if possible, and put the shoes in the washing machine. Add a mild laundry detergent in it and set the machine on cold water settings. After the cycle is complete just take the shoes outdoors to naturally dry.

To polish your basketball shoes work with a stiff brush and the appropriate polish for your shoes surface. Do not over-applying the polish for better results. It will have exactly the opposite,negative effect on your shoe appearance. After the polish application just let it to completely dry.

Next wipe your shoes with a hand cloth moistened with a small amount of olive oil for even brighter look.

As a final effort take your basketball shoes out, and sprinkle foot powder inside them once they are completely dried.

Cleaners Kingston wish you great cleaning results!

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