How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

Posted on Oct 23 2011 at 11:58:46 AM in How-To

Keeping your bagless vacuum cleaner working effectively is vital for your home cleaning. That can be done only if you clean regularly the machine. If you don't do that, the motor could be damaged due to a dirty filter. There are a few simple things, which could save you future problems. Check the tips provided in the article.


Before you start the cleaning process, you should take the vacuum cleaner outside. If you can't do that, take it to the bathroom. That will help you avoid spreading the dust inside the house.


Then, continue with taking out the dirt container. Carpet cleaning Melbourne advise to check how to do that in the user's manual. If you don't do it right, you could damage your vacuum cleaner.


Once the container is removed, you need to empty it in the trash. Then wash it. Some bagless vacuum cleaners are capable of vacuuming liquids. If yours is one of them, make sure to dispose the liquid. Then, wash the container with warm water. If it is too dirty, you will need to use some mild soap as well.


If the dirt is too much, it is a good idea to fill the container with warm water and let it stay for a while. That will loosen the dirt, making it easy to remove. Then, get a sponge and scrub until the container is thoroughly clean.


The next step is to take care of the filter. If it is washable, you need to clean it very well and dry it. Then you can put it back to its place.


If the vacuum cleaner has a filter that cannot be washed, you should keep a new one always in handy. Throw away the dirty filter and place the new one on the right place.


If you keep in mind the above tips, you will manage to maintain your bagless vacuum cleaner in a very good condition. It is not difficult but it could take some of your precious time. If you cannot deal with cleaning your carpets on your own, call carpet cleaners Melbourne. They would help you professionally.


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