How to Clean a 1911 Colt Gun

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How to Clean a 1911 Colt Gun

This is my favorite type of a hand gun. The reasons are many, none of them is relevant. I have one for 3 years now. The thing about having a gun is that besides shooting, you need to clean it, keep it in good shape, so that it works properly. Here is a step by step guide to cleaning your gun. This one is for the 1911 Colt handgun, but similar models can be cleaned the same way.

First – unloading the gun.

Remember – even an unloaded gun must be treated like a loaded one. Cleaners Woodcote Green advise extreme caution at all times.

1.Put your hand under the gun's magazine and push the magazine release button. This will extract the magazine from the magazine well.

2.Pull the slide backwards, until it hooks up with the slide stop, and holds the slide back.

3.From this position, check the barrel and make sure there is no bullet loaded.

4.Pull the slide completely to the rear and, while still holding it, move slowly forward, to release the spring tension. If you allow the slide to just slam forward, it will cause early wear of the weapon.

5.Point the muzzle away from you(and anyone else) and pull the trigger, to lower the hammer down. Do not ease the hammer down, it may cause sear damage and therefore – poor trigger pull.

Second – disassemble the gun. 

1.Make sure the magazine is unloaded and the barrel is clear of bullets (see the above section for reference)

2.Depress the recoil spring plug, rotate the barrel bushing clockwise until the recoil plug and spring are free. Both the plug and the spring have tension on them, so release them very carefully, or they may fly out with significant force.

3.Remove the recoil spring and after that the plug.

4.Cock the hammer.

5.Push the slide backwards, until the slide “stop” aligns with the disassembly notch.

6.Push inward, towards the center of the weapon, on the portion of the slide stop that protrudes though the right side of the pistol. Then remove the slide stop from the left side.

7.Now you can slide the Slide assembly forward and off the frame.

8.Turn the barrel bushing counter clockwise, until it aligns in the opening.

9.Remove the barrel bushing from the front of the slide.

10.Remove the recoil spring.

11.Tip the barrel link forward.

12.Pull the barrel through the slide.

Now the pistol is ready for cleaning.

Cleaners Woodcote Green give the following tips :

1.Brush the chamber and the bore with the bore solvent.

2.Wipe all parts with clean patches or gun cloths.

3.Apply light coat of gun oil to the barrel and oil to all other surfaces of the pistol.

Reassemble the gun, by following the steps backwards.

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