How to Choose The Right Paint Colour

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How to Choose The Right Paint Colour

Sometimes colours affect on our mood and behaviour on a strange way. That's why it's even more important to choose the right of them for the place you spend most of your time – your house and its rooms. However, there is such a big variety of colours, that choosing between all of them is a real challenge. So, here you are some special painting tips which will help you to pick the most suitable colours for your home.

In the very beginning, don't only choose colours that match to your house interior, but also pay attention to how they make you feel. You know that every colour has special meaning and here are the meaning of the most common used colours, given by cleaners Canonbury.


  • Red colour is more romantic than the others, it is passionate and exciting, but don't forget it also stimulates the appetite, so if you want to lose weight it's not the appropriate colour for your kitchen;
  • Yellow colour is bright and cheerful, it makes an optimistic and sunny view to your house;
  • Green colour is calming and gives a feeling like you are in the nature and you feel comfortable and peaceful;
  • Blue colour is often preferred for the bathroom, it makes a cool feeling, but at the other hand it calms the appetite;
  • Brown colour is often connected with the earth because it is natural, secure and calm;
  • White colour is pure, it stimulates creativity in people, it gives you a feeling of cleanness and freshness;
  • Gray colour is stylish, but cool and doesn't suit in every interior;
  • Peach colour is suitable for kitchens and bedrooms, it is warm, delicate and happy;
  • Pink colour is often used in children's room if they are girls, it is soft, sweet and innocent.

At last, cleaners Canonbury advise you to get a colour you like, don't listen to somebody else or their preferences. You will be living there for a long time and this is your choice after all.

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