How to Care For Your Swimsuit

Posted on Apr 3 2012 at 04:05:49 PM in How-To

Swimming is a favorite sport of many people. Some of them practice it professionally while others just have fun. Unfortunately, in most of the cases you can't take advantage of the natural oceans and seas all year round, because of the bad weather conditions during the different seasons. This is the main reason why pools were created. The good thing is that most of the pools are free of charge so all you need is to take your swimming suit and go sporting. Unfortunately, there are one small advantage of this alternative-the Chlorine the water contains. That ingredient is likely to fade even the most high quality suit. The amount of chlorine, frequency of exposure, temperature and swimsuit fabric all contribute to the fading and deformation of the suit. Of course, you can't make a swimsuit lasts forever. However, you may do something to prolong its life.

Learn how to care in the best possible way for your swimsuit from the following cleaners Battersea tips on the subject:

To begin swill suit in cold water right after you get home after the swimming in order to get rid of most of the chlorine before it stars to damage the fabric.

Try to gain the habit to launder your swimsuit after every two to three uses. Preferably, do this by hand. Work with cold water and if you estimate add a few drops of detergent. In order to prevent eventual damages use a mild one designed for delicate fabrics.

When you fulfill the previous steps place the suit on a flat surface to dry. Remember! Do not put such garment it in the dryer! According to cleaners Battersea that will speed up the fading process, making the traces of chlorine look even worse.

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